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Gothic Rock made in Germany

Aeon Sable

Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable create their very own kind of music. Inspired by esotericism and influenced by their visions, nightmares and dreams, the music can fit in a bunch of musical genres such as Gothic Rock, Dark Rock, Doom, Metal, Alternative…

Discography & Biography

Aeon Sable - a dark gothic rock band with metal attitude

The psychonauts have waited long enough for the dark star to shine…
Aeon Sable is a gothic dark rock band with a psychedelic touch, highly influenced by esotericism which was formed in 2010 in Essen, Germany by Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable. The creativity and dexterity of the two musicians, involved in several projects of the German underground scene since 1997, has allowed them to travel to seductively-surprising territory creating an alluring, dark atmosphere that continues to command the attention of the fans in Europe and worldwide.
Do you have a dark side? You will after you listen to Aeon Sable
(DeathRat Fanzine, 2012)   The band's devotion and intense drive for constant growth and creativity on every aspect of their art, lead Aeon Sable to give unforgettable live performances. Din-Tah Aeon (guitars/programming/production, instrumentalist-songwriter) and Nino Sable (vocals/lyrics/production/ songwriter, graphics & media designer) started Aeon Sable as a studio project only and delivered a very individual interpretation of gothic dark rock with a taste of metal, in their quickly sold out debut album “Per Aspera Ad Astra" released in February 2010 by afmusic. Enraptured by nature and the most obscure sides of the subconscious mind, utmost fascinated by magic and all forms of art, the band continued their atmospheric journey and their second full length album “Saturn Return" was released in the end of 2012. The group, dually inspired by the cold melodies of black metal, ambient and gothic rock, along with the spirit of the country Nino was raised, Portugal, revealed some hunting albums cherished by their fans and the media, giving rise to requests for live performances. Aeon Sable felt obliged to appear live on stage and thus, had to invite guest musicians. The live band consisting of Quoth on the bass, Wishbone alongside Din-Tah Aeon on the guitars and Nino Sable on vocals, performed for the very first time in 2013 in Mülheim an der Ruhr. 2014 was a year of massive changes - first, Whisbone (guitars) had to leave the band because he felt the need to take care of his other two projects wrack and nuclear magic. In order to continue realising live performances, Aeon Sable envited Jo to share the stages. A few weeks later Aeon Sable was signed by the berlin based label Solar Lodge. At the same time, the live crew expanded to a seven head crew - four musicians, one lighting technician (Lux), one sound technician (Sebbl) and one merch expert (Diane).  Aeon Sable have appeared in several radio talk shows in Germany while articles and reviews about the band and their albums have been and are published by numerous gothic and metal magazines including Reflections of Darkness, Gothic Magazine, Legacy, Terrarelicta, Sonic Seducer, Intravenous Magazine, Dark Spy Magazine, Virus-G, Gothic-Rock and Orkus. Produced in Hong Kong (2012), the second official video of the band’s hit single “Dancefloor Satellite", the 2014 self produced masterpiece “Visions", "Elysion" and "Follow The Light" (AETHER, 2018) appeared in several DVD compilations throughout Europe. Their meanwhile seven albums are available through the band’s Bandcamp site as well as in several stores and mail orders worlswide.  Din-Tah Aeon and Nino Sable are dedicated in sustaining their inimitable personality by creating and developing a distinctive form of musical art; from composing, recording, mixing and mastering to the artwork, the music video production, the social media and the website - everything is made solely by the band. Allow yourself to enter the world of Aeon Sable and journey with the psychonauts in the darkest realms…

The Aeon Sable inner circle:

VocalsLyrics, Attitude, Theater, sgrd, Magic, Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Metal, Graphics, 3D, Multimedia art
GuitarsMusic- & Audio ProductionLyrics, Hi-Fi, Gothic Rock, Metal, Ambient, Stephen King, Nekromantic, Cubase
Bass, Metal, Permutation, Physics, Guitars, Linux, Martial Arts, Foo, Ukulele
Guitars, Herbivore, treehugger, dark Hippie, Yogi
Merchandising, Mystics, Silent, Witch, Doll, Absinth, La Scaltra, Asia, Gothic
Lighting, Fog, Strobes, Merciful Nuns, BVB, The Sisters of Mercy, Gothic Rock
Livesound, Midas M32, Festivals, Concerts, Audi, Gothic Rock, DarkWave, Dark Ambient, loud, cheeky, always on wire
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