• Live @ Porto - November 2014 - picture by Joao Fitas

  • Aeon Sable is a dark gothic rock band from Germany with ritualistic roots. Darkness and underground attitude. Gothic rock at it's best.

    Ritual - Picture by Beiderwieden

  • Joh is a gothic rock guitar player.

    Jo - Picture bei Beiderwieden

  • Quoth plays the bass live on stage. Deep dark bass tunes from the gothic underground.

    Quoth - Picture by Beiderwieden

  • There is darkness in our hearts. An early shot by JRM. Din-Tah Aeon - one of the masterminds and founders of Aeon Sable

    Din-Tah Aeon - Picture by JRM

  • Another early shot. 2012. Nino Sable and Din-Tah Aeon - the founders of Aeon Sable.

    Din & Nino - Picture by JRM

  • Din-Tah Aeon - Gothic rock guitar player.

    Din-Tah Aeon - Picture by Nino

  • Do you have a dark side? You will after you listen to Aeon Sable. Dark underground gothic rock music from Germany

    Aeon Sable - Picture by JRM

  • Aeon Sable, the gothic rock band from Germany. (L->R) Nino Sable, Din-Tah Aeon, Joh, Quoth

    Aeon Sable - Picture by JRM

October, 2, 2015

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September, 22, 2015

AEON SABLE - New Album (Hypaerion)

We are working hard in order to finish another album.
Our new album "HYPAERION" is planed to be released in spring of 2016.

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gothic rock band aeon sable from germany. album hyperion

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