• Live @ Porto - November 2014 - picture by Joao Fitas

  • Aeon Sable is a dark gothic rock band from Germany with ritualistic roots. Darkness and underground attitude. Gothic rock at it's best.

    Ritual - Picture by Beiderwieden

  • Joh is a gothic rock guitar player.

    Jo - Picture bei Beiderwieden

  • Quoth plays the bass live on stage. Deep dark bass tunes from the gothic underground.

    Quoth - Picture by Beiderwieden

  • There is darkness in our hearts. An early shot by JRM. Din-Tah Aeon - one of the masterminds and founders of Aeon Sable

    Din-Tah Aeon - Picture by JRM

  • Another early shot. 2012. Nino Sable and Din-Tah Aeon - the founders of Aeon Sable.

    Din & Nino - Picture by JRM

  • Din-Tah Aeon - Gothic rock guitar player.

    Din-Tah Aeon - Picture by Nino

  • Do you have a dark side? You will after you listen to Aeon Sable. Dark underground gothic rock music from Germany

    Aeon Sable - Picture by JRM

  • Aeon Sable, the gothic rock band from Germany. (L->R) Nino Sable, Din-Tah Aeon, Joh, Quoth

    Aeon Sable - Picture by JRM

October, 17, 2014

September, 29, 2014

Visionaers is here!

Last week we received our new album Visionaers. You know that we love quality and so we are glad to say that our latest record is a 1A+ product.
From now on you can pre-order your edition of Visionaers and we will ship them between 2 days.
You can buy the Cd’s via bandcamp or Solar Lodge. It's up to you.
If you wish a signed CD (only Bandcamp), please include a quick note to the buying process. (bandcamp or paypal)

Any questions?
mail us

Aeon Sable - Visionaers

September, 6, 2014

We are inviting all of you and especially all those who like to do remixes or covers of tracks, to make something out of our new track and single "Visions".

We know that there are a lot of talented people out there and after our successful remix contest in 2013, we just had to do this again.
This new song (Visions) is licensed under a cc license.
All of the remixes will participate in the contest where everyone will have a chance to vote for his favorite remix, ending on 11th October on Terra Relicta webmagazine.
There is also a prize for the best remix.
The best Remix is going to be included on this year's "Free Music Compilation" (more info here).

So, hurry up, download the remix kit from HERE and make something special out of it. Meet some friends and replace the vocals, play a new Bassline, add some synths... it's up to you!
Remixes should be sent on this e-mail: contestterrarelicta.ERASE.com with a note/subject Aeon Sable remix, and don't forget to write down the name of the artist, your e-mail and title of the remix/cover.

any questions?
mail us

Artwork by Maria Delg

September, 1, 2014

AEON SABLE - New video

We have been working hard on another music video. We hope you enjoy it.
Klick on the picture below to see the video.

From now on you can also preorder our upcoming full album (Visionaers, streetdate October 17) at our new home Solar Lodge.

Order now and get the album 2 weeks before the official streetdate.

All you need is to follow this link -> 
Aeon Sable shop @ Solar Lodge

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